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Consider this: The great psychologist Carl Jung would express his condolences to patients who came to sessions with a happy and satisfied surface personality. He assured them that he would stand by them during such a dangerous and unproductive time. When these same patients came to therapy feeling anxious or depressed, he congratulated them on their good fortune of being in a condition where the soul’s work could be deeply done.


Uh so… I work as a conference producer for the public sector, and I just spent my lunch break catching up on zine orders (stapling them together, writing address labels, packaging stuff up etc etc). One of my senior colleagues / kind of bosses came into the office and asked to read one. He was really impressed with it and said I should ask if I can put them in the delegate packages at a big mental health conference we’re putting on next month. This is kind of a huge deal, I think. The conference will be full of high powered UK mental health professionals, and I think it’s really important that they hear what people have to say. The question is, do I put out a call for submissions for a ‘Things I wish I could tell my doctor / therapist / psychiatrist’ issue?

Just floating this idea, chaps: who would be interested in submitting to an emergency issue? Please like / reply to this post so I can get an idea of uptake. Thanks!

in case you missed this call for submissions for mind over matter zine, “things i wish i could tell my doctor / therapist / psychiatrist” issue.